vidIQ Review & Coupon [2021]: Get More YouTube Views!

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In this vidIQ review, I will give you the low down on everything you need to know about the YouTube certified broswer extension.

I will also give you my honest likes and dislikes on the platform to hopefully help you decide if it is right for you.

So, let me begin.

What is vidIQ?

vidIQ review overview

vidIQ is a Chrome and Firefox browser extension aimed at YouTube creators.

Once installed, the extension adds greater insights and functionalities on to the YouTube platform. These tools help you maximise your organic reach to build on those all-important video views and subscribers.

vidIQ pricing

So, now you have a top-line idea about what vidIQ is, let me now shift this vidIQ review to the cost of the platform.

vidIQ has 4 pricing options:

  • Basic – Free
  • Pro – $7.50 per month (annual billing) or $10 per month (monthly billing)
  • Boost – $39 per month (annual billing) or $49 per month (monthly billing)
  • Boost+ – $415 per month (annual billing) or $499 per month (monthly billing)

As with most software, vidIQ requires an ongoing subscription for access. This can be paid either monthly or annually, with the latter giving you a greater saving.

The good news is that there is a free Basic plan, so you can get started without paying a penny!

vidIQ coupon code

If you like the look of some of the premium vidIQ features, then you can a 30-day completely free trial when you enter the code:


Use the coupon code at the checkout, and for the first month you will have access to the Pro and Boost features for free.

vidIQ features

The features you will get will depend on the pricing plan you are on. Generally, the more expensive plans will give you greater access to tools and insights.

The table below gives you an overview on some of the features that come with each vidIQ plan.

Video scorecard
Live stats bar
Keyword research tool
Basic video analytics
SEO recommendations

I will not be listing all of the features that vidIQ can offer in this vidIQ review, simply because there are a lot of tools.

Instead, I will focus on the standout features that YouTubers should find useful.

Video scorecard

If you want more stats about YouTube videos, not just your own, then the scorecard will satisfy your analytical needs.

The scorecard sits next to the YouTube video player. So, as you browse the video search engine, you will see another level of statistics that is summarized into a scorecard.

vidIQ scorecard

The scorecard gives you data on the following areas:

  • Overview – Number of views and estimated views per hour
  • Social engagements – Performance across Twitter, Facebook and Reddit
  • SEO feedback – Including the SEO vidIQ score (more on this shortly)
  • Video optimization checklist – Checklist of 15 factors to help with video optimization
  • Controversial keywords – Detection of any words that may result in demonetization
  • Channel analytics – Data about the channel
  • Video tags – The video tags used on the video and some suggested tags to use
  • Channel tags – The tags attached to the channel
  • Historical – See a graphical history view for the number of video views
  • Tweets – A list of tweets sharing the video
  • Trending – A list of related videos that are trending

So, as you can see, you get a lot of insightful information in a simple to understand scorecard format.

Live stats bar

Want even more stats?

Well, when signed in to your YouTube video account, you have access to the live stats bar.

The live stats bar collates the data from the backend of the YouTube analytics dashboard, and delivers it in a handy pop up. The great thing is that this stats bar can be viewed almost anywhere on the YouTube platform.

This is a handy feature if you are just browsing some YouTube videos and want to quickly see a snapshot of how your channel is performing.

Keyword research tools

Having the vidIQ extension gives you access to a range of invaluable keyword research tools that will help you reach more viewers organically. Access to these tools depends on your vidIQ plan; with less access on the Basic plan and greater access on the Boost+ plan.

One of the keyword research tools is the Keyword Inspector. You can search keywords and vidIQ will provide you with valuable statistics on the search volume, competition and an overall score.

The overall score is a value out of 100 and takes into account the search volume and competition.

Higher keyword scores indicate more search volume and less competition than lower keyword scores.

vidIQ Keyword Inspector

Not only that, but you will also receive related keywords that may be even better than your keyword.

As you browse YouTube, you can also see keyword tools in the search results. For example, the overall score is also displayed as a sidebar so you can quickly gauge how effective the keyword is.

vidIQ Keyword Tools

Basic video analytics

As well as being a browser-based extension, vidIQ also has a web suite that can be accessed from any device without the need to have the extension installed.

To access this, simply sign in to the vidIQ website with your account. Inside, you will find various tabs, including more analytics.

The analytics is essentially the same data you will find in your YouTube Creator Studio, however, it is condensed into handy graphs.

vidIQ basic video analytics

So, if you enjoy looking at graphs and numbers, then you will certainly enjoy this!

SEO recommendations

When it comes to getting your videos on the first page of the YouTube search results, then you need to ensure they are search engine optimized (SEO).

One of the main attractions to using vidIQ is that it helps YouTubers crush SEO. Even those with no experience can improve their video rankings by using the tools available in the browser extension.

Members of the Boost and Boost+ plans have access to vidIQ’s SEO title and description recommendations.

The title and video description are two very important YouTube ranking factors, so, it’s great to see that vidIQ offer this support.


When you join vidIQ, you will be given various types of support; these include:

  • vidIQ Help Center
  • vidIQ Academy
  • YouTube channel

vidIQ Help Center

Just like most software, vidIQ has an online Help Center where you will find over 50 articles on how to use the browser extension.

The articles are generally short guides on using the vidIQ features. It is certainly worth a read if you are an absolute beginner.

vidIQ Help Center

vidIQ Academy

The vidIQ Academy is where you will find all of the online courses created by the vidIQ team. The amount of courses available in your Academy depends on the vidIQ price plan you have.

You will find helpful courses on getting the most out of your vidIQ browser extension and how to improve your YouTube videos.

vidIQ Academy

vidIQ YouTube channel

Probably one of the best resources vidIQ has to offer is the content pushed through their YouTube channel.

At the time of writing this vidIQ review, their channel has over 600,000 subscribers.

Here, you will find very informative videos and tutorials on improving as a YouTuber, not just learning about what the vidIQ platform has to offer.

And, since this is a YouTube channel, anyone can access the videos for free. So, even if you’re not considering the browser extension, be sure to check out their videos anyway. You may learn something!

3 things I like about vidIQ

Let me now shift the attention of this vidIQ review to my personal thoughts on the platform. To start with, I will share some of my likes on the software.

It’s free (to an extent)

One of the great things about vidIQ is that there is a completely free plan. Anything that is free is certainly worth a look!

Without paying a penny, you get access to valuable YouTube insights about your channel and SEO opportunities that you simply do not get with the standard YouTube platform.

Excellent scorecard

One of the most impressive things about vidIQ I found was the level of detail in the scorecard.

Not only do you get insights into the video analytics and SEO scores, but you also get information on social engagement.

Separating the different outputs into tabs on the scorecard helps to keep things organised in such a compact space.

User friendly

Even though vidIQ throws a lot of statistics at you, they do it in a way that is very easy for beginners to digest.

This means that pretty much anyone should be able to benefit from vidIQ’s arsenal of YouTuber tools.

3 things I don’t like about vidIQ

With the good bits out of the way, let me now touch on some of the dislikes I have about vidIQ.

It’s a browser extension

Personally, me and browser extensions do not get on. I already have some installed and the more I add to my browser, the more buggy my internet browsing can get. Sometimes pages fail to load due to a conflict with a plugin.

I had the same thoughts on this about TubeBuddy. Again, I am not sure how the vidIQ team can approach this differently.

No discount for small YouTubers

A slight disappointment I found when looking at vidIQ’s pricing page was that they do not offer any discounts for smaller YouTubers, unlike TubeBuddy.

Having said that, there is a 30-day free trial with the coupon code mentioned above.

Clunky web suite

It’s great that vidIQ offer a web suite for additional insights that do not require the extension; however, I found this to be rather unappealing and clunky.

vidIQ alternatives

If you’re interested in vidIQ, then be sure to check out TubeBuddy.

TubeBuddy is also a browser-based extension and shares many features with vidIQ. Have a read of my TubeBuddy review and you will see what I mean.

Frequently asked questions

Below, you will find some FAQs people have about vidIQ.

1. Is vidIQ safe?

In my experience, vidIQ was completely safe.

After installing the browser extension, my laptop did not find any malware or viruses resulting from the software.

vidIQ is used by thousands of YouTubers, some have accounts will millions of subscribers, who have given it glowing reviews. So, this should give you more peace of mind.

2. Is vidIQ YouTube certified?

Yes, vidIQ is YouTube certified.

This is confirmed on the YouTube Creator Services Directory where vidIQ is listed as an official YouTube partner.

Wrapping up

So, that concludes my vidIQ review.

Is it worth getting?


Considering the Basic plan is free, there is no reason not to give it a try yourself. Even for the scorecard and simple keyword research tools, vidIQ is certainly worth adding on to your browser.

Get started with vidIQ today.

Once you’ve given it a try, let me know in the comments below what you think.

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