Thinkific Pricing: What Price Plan Should You Pick?

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Thinkific is one of the largest and most popular online course platform providers.

When it comes to deciding if Thinkific is the right platform for you, then you want to look at their different price plans available and their features included.

In this article, I will explain the different Thinkific pricing plans available and help you decide the best one for your needs.

Thinkific pricing: Overview

Thinkific has five price plans available ranging from $0 to $499 per month…

  • Free – $0
  • Basic – $39 per month (annual billing) or $49 per month (monthly billing)
  • Pro – $79 per month (annual billing) or $99 per month (monthly billing)
  • Growth – $79 per month (annual billing) or $99 per month (monthly billing); extra billing with >100 active students
  • Premier – $399 per month (annual billing) or $499 per month (monthly billing)
Thinkific pricing plans
Thinkific pricing plans. Note, prices displayed are for annual billing.

The yearly cost of Thinkific plans

Thinkific, like most online course platforms, offer a discounted rate if you pay for plans annually.

To help make these savings a bit clearer, I have created the table below containing the different Thinkific pricing plans and their annual cost if you were to pay yearly or monthly.

PlanMonthly billingAnnual billingSaving

*With the Growth plan, additional billing will apply when you have >100 active students.

Thinkific pricing: Free plan

Price: $0

Transaction fee: 0%

Thinkific, in my opinion, has the best Free plan available out of all online course platforms.


Simply because you get zero transaction fees and unlimited students.

This means you get to keep all of the profits from your course sales (after any processing fees).

Payouts to creators are also instant, so no waiting around to receive your profits.

Despite having the ability to enrol unlimited students, there is a limit of three courses that can be created using the Free plan.

Plan features

Thinkific’s Free plan comes with all of their core features including…

  • Zero transaction fees
  • Unlimited students
  • Create up to three courses
  • Instant payouts
  • Unlimited hosting
  • Student quizzes and surveys
  • Discussion forums
  • Product support (email and phone)
Thinkific Core Features
Thinkific core features included in the Free plan.

Who is the Free plan for?

The Free plan is for creators who are just starting out creating their first online course.

The great thing about Thinkific’s Free plan is that you can also grow your online school considerably before thinking about paying for a premium plan.

Having unlimited students and zero transaction fees without having to pay a penny is an attraction for anyone thinking about online courses as a side hustle.

Thinkific pricing: Basic plan

Price: $39 per month (annual billing) or $49 per month (monthly billing)

Transaction fee: 0%

Unlimited courses are a welcomed sight in the Basic plan, so you are no longer restricted to just three courses in your school.

You can now promote your courses using coupons. Coupon codes are an excellent tactic to increase conversions when selling your online course.

The ability to drip content, instead of having the course completely open, is also available in the Basic plan. Drip content gives more structure to the student learning experience.

Enhanced marketing features such as third-party integrations via Zapier and analytics are also available in Basic.

If you want to remove the ‘.thinkific’ subdomain from your school you can do with custom domain support. You can add your own domain (I purchase mine from SiteGround), to ensure it fits with your brand.

Another stand out feature is the ability to create an affiliate program for your online courses. This enables others to promote your course, thus potentially increasing sales.

Plan features

The Basic plan comes with everything that is in the Free plan, as well as…

  • Unlimited courses
  • Create coupons
  • Create an affiliate program
  • Custom domain support
  • Email marketing
  • Drip content
  • Third-party plugins (via Zapier)
  • Manually import students
Thinkific Basic plan features
Thinkific Basic plan features.

Who is the Basic plan for?

Thinkific’s Basic plan is for those that want to create multiple online courses and are wanting to set up their own brand.

If you started out on their Free plan and are serious about creating and selling online courses, then the Basic plan will be the ideal upgrade.

Thinkific pricing: Pro plan

Price: $79 per month (annual billing) or $99 per month (monthly billing)

Transaction fee: 0%

With Thinkific’s Pro plan, there are more advanced course pricing options available.

Instead of selling courses for a one-time fee, there are the options to set a subscription or payment plan, for example. Or, you could create free courses to increase student numbers.

Additionally, creating a membership plan is also possible with the Pro plan. This enables you to charge students a recurring fee for access to your online school.

If you’re wanting student course completion certificates, then you’ll be happy to see these in the Pro plan.

Plan features

The Pro plan comes with everything included in the Basic plan, not forgetting the core features, as well as…

  • Two site admin accounts
  • Five course admins/authors
  • Create hidden or private courses
  • Additional course pricing options (eg subscription, free, payment plans)
  • Ability to create a membership school
  • Bundle courses
  • Course completion certificates
  • One community
  • Priority product support
Thinkific Pro plan features
Thinkific Pro plan features.

Who is the Pro plan for?

The Pro plan is aimed at creators who want to scale up their online school by having more site admins and course authors.

Also, if your aim is to create a membership site, then you will need to take the Pro plan.

If you’re interested in the Pro plan, click here to get yourself an exclusive one-month free trial.

Thinkific pricing: Growth plan

Price: $79 per month (annual billing) or $99 per month (monthly billing); extra billing will occur when there are more than 100 activate students

Transaction fee: 0%

Eagle-eyed readers will have spotted the price for the Growth and Pro plans are exactly the same. So, what’s the difference between these two plans?

The Growth plan comes with a few additional features that the Pro plan misses out on, such as more integration support, a white label website and advanced administration tools.

These extra features do come at a cost though – but, this depends on the number of active students (those enrolled on a course) you have in your school.

The first 100 active students are free on the Growth plan, with each additional active student costing $0.10 thereafter.

So, if you have 200 active students on the Growth plan, you will pay an additional $10 per month.

Plan features

The Growth plan includes all of the core features and those included in the Pro plan, as well as…

  • Additional integrations (Brillium exams, ActiveCampaign and Infusionsoft)
  • Create student groups
  • White label website (remove the Thinkific branding)
  • Unlimited communities
  • Webhooks
  • Bulk student email

Who is the Growth plan aimed for?

The Growth plan is perfect for those that want the flexibility of scaling their online course business.

If you have less than 100 students and are looking at going for the Pro plan, then choose the Growth plan instead.

This way, you will get access to additional features at no extra cost. Only when your active student numbers pass 100 will you start paying extra.

Thinkific pricing: Premier plan

Price: $399 per month (annual billing) or $499 per month (monthly billing)

Transaction fee: 0%

The Premier plan is Thinkific’s most premium package, with absolutely everything included.

Unlike the Growth package, you will not be charged extra for >100 active students in your online school.

Thrown in is a bespoke onboarding package. The guys at Thinkific will call you to discuss your online school to ensure you have everything ready to go.

Once more, Premier includes even more site admin and course author accounts. This offers the potential to host other creator’s courses on your school.

Plan features

The Premier plan includes all of the features Thinkific has to offer.

Included is everything found in their Growth plan, as well as…

  • Unlimited Growth package (no extra charges based on active student numbers)
  • Five site admin accounts
  • Fifty course admins/author accounts
  • Fifteen group analysts
  • Email white labelling
  • Onboarding package
  • Student single sign-on
Thinkific Premier plan features
Thinkific Premier plan features.

Who is the Premier plan for?

The Premier plan is for those who are wanting to create a huge online school, similar to Udemy for example.

If your aim is to create an online school platform where other creators can join and sell their online courses then the Premier plan is so you.

Wrapping up

Thinkific contains five price plans: a Free plan and four premium options.

Their Free plan is, in my view, the best Free online course platform plan around. Zero transaction fees and unlimited students is an amazing attraction for any creator looking to start their side hustle.

For those wanting to grow their online course with additional marketing capabilities, then upgrade to their Basic plan – this contains enough features to satisfy most creators.

Creators with a large following and are wanting to sell online courses as their main income strategy should look at the Pro and Growth packages.

Click here to get an exclusive one-month FREE trial of Thinkific’s Pro and Growth plans.

Have you created an online course with Thinkific? If so, let me know in the comments below the plan you went for.

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