Fiverr Logo Review: How I Got A Logo For Just $17

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If you want to start making money online, whether you’re creating a website, creating an online course or setting up a YouTube channel, then you need to build a brand.

This means you most likely need a logo to represent your brand.

I was in exactly the same position early on when I started this very blog.

But, I’m no graphic designer (I create images using PowerPoint!).

So in this post, I will share with you you how I got a custom logo for Side Hustle Teach for just $17 – a Fiverr logo review.

Where did I go to get my logo?

The title of the post is a bit of a giveaway but, to create my logo, I decided upon outsourcing the work to a freelancer on Fiverr.

Fiverr is an online marketplace where creators market their ‘gigs’ (jobs). There are gigs for pretty much anything you can think of; logos, whole websites, t-shirt designs – you name it!

Why did I choose Fiverr for logo creation?

I decided upon Fiverr for a number of reasons, but the main three were…

  • Their prices are super competitive
  • I can browse hundreds of freelancers within a few minutes
  • I have used Fiverr previously for other gigs

Competitive prices

Logo designs on Fiverr can start as low as $5 – hence the name!

But, that’s not to say you should go for gigs that are priced that low. Don’t forget, in most cases, you get what you pay for in life!

Since this blog is fairly new I didn’t want to splash hundreds of dollars on a professional design agency (no disrespect intended).

So I knew I would find a gig within my budget on Fiverr.

Thousands of freelancers to choose from

Another main attraction for using Fiverr is that they have thousands of talented creators on hand to start a gig at any minute.

This was important since I could easily browse freelancers, their previous work, and most importantly their customer feedback with just a few clicks.

Always spend a great deal of time looking for the right freelancer for your job – this is important!

I knew the Fiverr system

In the past I had used Fiverr for a slightly different gig – I needed some PhotoShop skills.

So, I understood and trusted in their system – I know that it wasn’t a scam.

How I chose my Fiverr gig

So, I needed a logo for my brand.

I head on over to Fiverr and go to their dedicated logo design area.

Then I had the difficult job of narrowing down on a single gig from 100,180 available services!

Fiverr findings a logo gig
Finding the right logo gig can be hard when there are so many to choose from.

How did I do this?

Well, I knew I wanted a clean logo. Nothing too funky or in your face. Clean and flat are my recommendations.

💡 Pro Tip
To get some ideas about logos you want for your brand, think about those that you already like and ask yourself – why?

Go ahead and look at some brands that you associate with and look at their logos. I bet most, if not all, are minimalist.

In fact, just look at any global brand: Google, Apple, Samsung – they all have simple designs.

In Fiverr you can use their filter system to return just those that meet your criteria.

For me, my criteria were…

  • Logo style: minimalist
  • Budget: maximum $20

I also sorted the results based on the best selling. This way, those that were the most trusted will be returned first.

So this narrowed things down a lot – only 888 services to pick from now.

The next job was to skim over the thumbnails from the listed gigs.

A nice feature of Fiverr is that you don’t have to click on each gig to view examples of their logos. Simply, the thumbnail has a slider that can quickly switch between different end products.

Fiverr narrowing down your logo search
Use filters and sort your result to return only those that are relevant to your needs.

Whenever you like the look of a gig, save it by clicking the heart icon.

I spent quite a bit of time selecting around five gigs that had the look I was imagining.

Finally, I found the gig I was looking for.

The seller was a Level 1 Seller, which means that they have delivered at least 10 orders on time with a minimum of 4.8 rating. Not only that but they were rated 5.0 stars (out of 5) from 138 reviews.

This was the social proof I needed: I liked their previous work and their reviews were near perfect.

Next, I needed to decide on the type of package to purchase.

How I chose the right package

Most gigs on Fiverr come in different packages, or levels.

For the gig I chose, there were three packages to pick from: Basic, Standard or Premium.

Fiverr logo package comparison
Always compare the different logo packages to see what you’re getting for your money.

Each package comes with different features. Be sure to think about your requirements.

What to look for in a logo package

When deciding on the right logo package for you, look for those that include the following…

  • Source file – this is so you (or another freelancer) can make any changes in the future
  • High resolution – ideally you want the highest quality possible
  • Logo transparency – so you can add your logo onto other digital assets
  • Concepts – the number of initial designs for you to pick from; the more concepts the better, especially if you have no idea what you want
  • Social media kit – versions of the logo in sizes to suit social media profiles
  • Revisions – some packages restrict on the number of changes that can be made; the higher the number of revisions allowed the better

Other features you may wish to look out for are stationary designs if you are wanting to add the logo onto print items.

So, which package did I go for?

I settled for the Standard package at $15.

This included four concept designs, everything in the Basic package as well as a social media kit.

Fiverr Standard logo package
I went for the Standard/Silver package that came with four concept designs and unlimited revisions.

The design process

After selecting the package I wanted, I was taken through to the payment portal.

The final price of the logo was $17 – a $2 service fee by Fiverr was included.

I paid with PayPal and was then asked for my requirements.

The requirements will vary depending on the freelancer, but they generally consist of similar questions. These aim to give the creator some direction of what to create.

For this job, there were just five questions…

  1. What exact words (name of your company) should appear in your logo?
  2. Do you have a tag line or a slogan?
  3. Do you want your logo to represent something or some idea?
  4. What are your preferences about colors?
  5. Please reference some URL or Logo you are inspired with. (if any)

For the first answer, this was simple: Side Hustle Teach.

I didn’t want to include a slogan in the logo as I thought there would be too much text otherwise.

To answer the third question, I gave information about what Side Hustle Teach is – a blog about making money online by teaching. I asked for the logo to incorporate something that represents money and teaching. But, I wanted to keep it simple.

My preference for colors in the logo was a money green; nothing too fluorescent mind.

Finally, I gave a few websites where I liked their logo. For me, I like the simple and clean logos of DollarSprout and Khan Academy.

How long did it take to get my logo?

The good thing about Fiverr is that the service is usually pretty quick.

For my package, there was a time of 24 hours specified from the time I submit my requirements to receiving the first delivery.

So I was pleasantly surprised when I received all four logo designs in just six and a half hours!

The logo designs

Since my logo package included four designs I had multiple styles to pick from.

Here are the logos I received from my order.

Design 1

Logo design 1
Logo design 1

Design 2

Logo design 2
Logo design 2

Design 3

Logo design 3
Logo design 3

Design 4

Logo design 4
Logo design 4

I immediately felt like design 3 that incorporated the dollar symbol into the ‘S’ and the graduation cap n the ‘T’ in teach was the way to go.

But, I wasn’t convinced with the graphic for the graduation cap being used and I wanted the dollar symbol to have a single vertical line in it, instead of two.

Making revisions to the logo design

A nice feature of Fiverr is the Comments system.

Here you can review your order, make additional requests and add annotations so the seller can see what you’re talking about.

Fiverr comments system
The comments system is great when you need to request any revisions.

I asked for three revisions to be made…

  • Change the shade of green being used in the ‘Side Hustle’ wording to be darker
  • Have a single vertical line in the ‘S’ to mimic an American dollar sign
  • Change the graduation cap on the ‘T’ to be more minimalist to fit with the font being used

These amends took three hours to complete.

The final result

After all my amends were complete, I was more happy with the final result.

The final Side Hustle Teach logo.

The logo is clean, has the elements I wanted in it and I am happy with the colors used.

Though the style my look simple, with a minimal graduation cap, I think it works well.

Wrapping up my Fiverr logo review

In this, my Fiverr logo review, I have shown you how I purchased my brand’s logo for just $17.

Fiverr is a great place to go if you need a logo. There are so many freelancers to choose from and there is a gig to suit everyone’s budget.

Do you research and have a look through example logos you like the look of.

Let me know in the comments below if you have purchased a logo through Fiverr and what your thoughts are.

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